E-Learning Spanish Programs

Virtual Spanish Instruction Program (EVEE)

Blas Pascal University has a special interest in creating new virtual techniques to meet student’s needs. For this reason, it has carefully developed a Virtual Spanish Instruction Program (EVEE). EVEE is an interactive internet-based program that strives to promote, achieve, and improve the learning of Spanish as a second language.

This virtual environment has been especially created to adapt the diverse learning methods necessary for particular needs of students around the world, while simultaneously providing the instructor with a variety of didactic resources.

EVEE courses have been organized according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages:

• Beginner – A2 +
• Intermediate – B1 (available soon)
• Advanced – C1 (available soon)


This course focuses on the communicative approach. Students are introduced to the basic characteristics of the language which enables them to interact with native speakers and to participate in communicate situations to consolidate or improve their knowledge in academic and professional instances, both written and oral.

The course is distributed in 4 units organized according to grammatical contents:

  • Unit 1: Introductory aspects. Present verb tense. Ideas related to daily life and personal introduction.
  • Unit 2: Past Perfect tense. Gerunds. Pronouns and adverbs.
  • Unit 3: Imperfect Past tense. Adjectives and Comparatives.
  • Unit 4: Vocabulary, useful and gastronomic expressions. Organization of events and invitations.


Access to the system [username and password] can be obtained by paying the required fee. This will guarantee the student direct access to his/her group’s study room.

Course length: 12 weeks.

* Units provided for study purposes will be available every 15 days-

Starting Date: Monday, August 26th 2013

Ending Date: Friday, November 16th 2013

Application Deadline:  Tuesday, August 20th 2013


Evaluation and grading of the course is done by the professor – tutor who is in charge of it.

To pass the course students need to accomplish the following:

  • Regular participation in the forum to assure a progressive monitoring
  • 2 written exams (sent through the virtual platform)
  • A final exam


Upon the successful completion of EVEE courses, the student will receive a certificate that recognizes the completion of given course.


Please contact intercambio@ubp.edu.ar for further information