Combined Programs

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Soccer (Football) in Argentina is more of a national obsession than a game! Don’t miss your chance to play in the land of Maradona and Messi!

This full immersion program will give students the opportunity to practise this sport in a professional division soccer club from Cordoba, Club Atletico Instituto, as well as learn and practice the second most spoken language in the world.


  • Develop foreign soccer player’s abilities regarding their physical, technical-tactical and strategic aspects
  • Improve student’s level of Spanish and built their confidence to use it in everyday communication as well as in formal contexts (either written or oral)
  • Acquire a well-rounded knowledge of the Argentinean culture and society as a whole

Program Details

  • 6 hours of in-field soccer lessons per week (theory and practise) at Instituto Atletico Central Cordoba
  • 3 hours of Spanish lessons per week
  • 3 hours of Argentine History or Argentine Popular Culture per week

* Students with a high command of the language (B2/C1) may choose to take a subject from any of the careers taught at UBP.

It also includes

  • Transportation from Cordoba International Airport to the University campus.
  • Free Internet access at the UBP campus
  • Free access to all campus facilities (library, cafeteria; weight-lifting room, tennis court, etc)
  • Welcome lunch
  • Health Insurance ( )
  • City Tour
  • Tourist informational pack
  • Accommodation with an Argentinean family, with three meals per day plus laundry
  • Argentinean Tutor that orients the student in the city and on campus
  • Farewell party

* Airfare and personal expenses are not included


4 months (1 academic semester, from March to June or from August to November)

NOTE: This program may also be tailored for a month duration.

In such case, a minimum of 12 students is required.


  • Academic Semester I (March to June 2012): Friday, November 16th 2011
  • Academic Semester II (August to November 2012): Friday, May 11th 2012


  • Students should be between 18 and 22 years old
  • A minimum of 3 semesters at university level or equivalent is required
  • Students should download and complete the registration forms  from our Web Site, and send them to the following address:
  • 10% of the total cost should be sent as a deposit at least 1 month before arrival
  • Flight information should be sent to the same e-mail address at least two weeks before departure/arrival
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UBP offers the opportunity to undertake an internship while doing a study program in Córdoba. Students can gain valuable cultural experience that promotes a change in perspective, thus cultivating future professional and personal ambitions.


A minimum of 8 hours per week (130 hours per semester)


  • Semester or academic-year internships in Argentina
  • Internships at UBP, elementary schools, high schools, and non-profit organizations. Successful fields for internship include Communications, Education, Social Work, Computing, and Technology/Graphic Design


  • Enrollment for one semester or the full academic-year.
  • Spanish proficiency (speaking, listening, and writing). A minimum of one Spanish course at the advanced level.
  • Academic background or experience in the field.
  • A written Internship application approved by the student’s university and received by UBP before the application deadline.
  • Upon finishing the Internship Program, students must write an essay about their experience

* Internships are not granted until the personal interview takes place. The interview will be given upon the student’s arrival. If the student is not accepted for the internship, he/she may take another subject from the UBP Integrated Program in order to receive the corresponding credits.

Program Length

4 or 8 months


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“My experience at the soup kitchen has been everything that I imagined. I got to know another aspect of Cordoba and Argentina. In addition to Blas Pascal University, I experienced a nearby world that is quite different: poor, with less social opportunities, yet full of talented children”

Abby Russell, Clemson University


UBP as an institution involved with progress tries to work on citizens socially responsible. That is why, we are oriented to welfare based on all of the rights and duties of the participants of this society.
Academic training needs to go beyond theories and practice in order to contribute to a permanent development of changes.
For that reason, through this program we offer the students the possibility of having a view of the society demands in order to create and encourage people to develop projects together.

The main objectives of this program are:

  • promote the involvement of a professional with the others.
  • contribute to team work oriented to the development and progress.
  • face the student with the social reality of Argentina.


140 hours each semester


There will be a coordinator in charge that will help the student and will be available for him/her in case of queries. The coordinator will be monitoring the development of the student inside the institution assigned and will be responsible of giving a grade at the end of the program – pass, failed, incomplete –

Duties of the Volunteer

  • To develop the volunteering tasks that have been assigned, to accomplish the commitment with UBP and with the institution.
  • To preserve confidentiality regarding the information obtained during the volunteering and to respect the rights of the people involved in this task.
  • To take the training activities needed to assure a good development of the volunteering.

Possible Areas of Participation

Education: primary school, high-school and non-profit organizations.

Health: hospital, consultant communitarian centers and organizations related to health care

House building


  • Enrollment for One Semester
  • Academic background or experience in the field
  • A written application for the Service Learning Program approved by the student’s university and received by UBP before the application deadline.
  • During the Service Learning Program, students must gather information in order to write a final paper on one of these topics:
  1. A detailed profile of the institution where you did your activity
  2. An analysis of a problem within the institution where you were collaborating

Students Spanish Proficiency Level 

SPANISH 300-400 (B2)

Students with high Spanish proficiency in speaking, listening, and writing (A minimum of one Spanish course at the advanced level: SPA 300-400) may complete the Service Learning activity while doing the academic semester program:

3 months of infield practice (12 hours per week)

1 month to prepare the final report

SPANISH 200 (A2+/B1)

Students with a minimum of 4 semesters of Spanish at high school or university level, or its equivalent from a private institution, may start their Service Learning activity upon the completion of their academic semester program:

4 months to complete the academic semester program

1 month of intensive field practice (6 hours of practice, plus 2 hours of desk work per day)

Program Length

4 or 5 months

Application Deadlines

First semester 2012 (March-July): Friday, November 18th 2011

Second semester 2012 (August – November): Friday, May 12th 2012